Casa Jason 2015

The process normally starts with a client purchasing one of our many properties. In the images below our client has purchased a rural farm with fantastic views of the Arenal Volcano, the lake, and the surronding mountains. Then the LAREC team works cloesly with client to create the best possible design, homesite, and layout.


Once everyone is happy with the design and layout we begin by clearing the building site.

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Now that we have a suitable building site, it is time to start building something. So we begin with the footers.  

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Work is Work, but on a day like this you have to stop and enjoy the view.

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Then we have some days that aren't so nice, but it is great to see the block work getting started.

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In Costa Rica the typical methode of construction is block between solid concrete column. We will lay block on top of the footings to the desired height and then come back and pour the columns. 

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Another beautiful day with a fantastic view of the volcano. Now we can see the block walls reaching the height of the first floor. Next we will pour the columns, the header( or viga), and will start the second floor. 

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Another beautiful day with gorgeous views of the mountains and volcano. In this image you can see the columns being formed up, when the columns are complete we will start the steel framing for the second floor. 

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 Now that the concrete work is complete on the second floor, it's time to get the roof on. 


Here we are starting the steel framing of the roof structure. 

Casa Jason 12


  Once the roof framing is complete, we put down the roof panels, then start closing in the overhangs and facias. 


Here the workers are starting the stucco on the facia and the eves. Next we will start stucco in the walls. 

casa Jason 13


Once the roof is on we can start making some progress on the interior. Here is an image of the ceiling framing for the tongue and groove wood ceiling. 

Casa Jason 14


More progress being made on the interior. 

Casa Jason 15


Check out this video we took with our drone!

Here we are starting the madera negra natural wood column, very nice!
Starting the lower roof.


This is going to be a fantastic veranda.


The master bedroom balcony is going to have a great view. 



The interior finishes are looking very nice.


Things are moving along well. The lower roof is now on and the gutters on the upper roof. 


The floors are are in and soon we will start tile.



Here is a good look at the progress from the front .


The view from acroos the hill. 


Time to start thinking about paint colors! 


The stonework and madera negra post look really good together. 


The stonework will look great when it is finished. 


 Very cool entryway.


A look at the stonework in the bathroom. 


The tablea ceilings look so good. 


The master bedroom and closet. 


It was rainy on this day but the view from the MB is amazing. 

The master bathroom ceiling, is amazing!


The veranda will be a great place to hangout.



The stonework is looking amazing!






This tile is beautiful. 


The masterbathroom with stone and wood is fantastic! 


The exterior is really starting to come together.


More great stonework!


The view from inside the front door.

The view from the upstairs hallway.


Finishing up the exterior.


Time for the finishing touches.


It's all in the details.


Time for some furniture.


Great job on the rustic cabinets!


We would like to say thank you to Jason for letting us post the pictures of his construction.

Time to turn over the keys!





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